ABBL – DBFI Workshops Published the 30.06.2017
ABBL’s DBFI Cluster has launched a series of 40 workshops on various themes for ABBL members The goal of the Workshops is to provide pragmatic and easy to implement advice...
Private Banking in Luxembourg: consolidation of AuM as the industry expands its geographical scope Published the 28.06.2017
Presentation of the 10th edition of the CSSF-ABBL Private Banking Survey The ABBL Private Banking Group Luxembourg (PBGL) just published the results of the annual Private Banking Survey for 2017,...
Camille Seillès appointed Secretary General of the ABBL Published the 28.06.2017
Camille Seillès has been appointed Secretary General of the Luxembourg Bankers’ Association as of 28 June 2017. Camille has joined the ABBL in 2012 as legal and tax adviser. As...
Cloud Computing Infrastructures: New Horizons Published the 18.06.2017
ABBL’s Digital Banking and FinTech Innovation Cluster (DBFI) held an ABBL Meets Members conference on 13 June 2017 where the CSSF presented its new Circular on the Cloud Computing infrastructure...
Agreement for a Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2017 Published the 08.06.2017
As the negotiations for a new and modern Collective Bargaining Agreement are still on-going, the option to extend the 2014-2016 Collective Bargaining Agreement to 2017 has again been discussed between...


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