European Commission plans for a new digital finance strategy Published the 07.07.2020
On 26 June, the European Commission consultation on a new digital finance strategy for Europe closed. The Commission’s preparations for its new strategy provide for a good opportunity to take...
COVID-19: Updated FAQs from ABBL Members Published the 06.07.2020
(Last updated: 6 July 2020) As the pandemic continues, further questions have arisen from ABBL Members. The FAQ has been updated with the most recent positions on the below topics,...
COVID-19 – Large scale testing for the financial sector Published the 30.06.2020
As we all implement plans to get back into the office, we would like to inform you of several points which should help you to ensure a smooth return, whilst...
COVID-19: EU’s Capital Requirements Regulation quick fix – final act Published the 30.06.2020
A few weeks ago, we had already reported from Brussels on the adjustments to the prudential framework for banks known as CRR 2 to help the economy to cope with the...
Results of the 2020 Board Elections Published the 19.06.2020
Guy Hoffmann re-elected as Chairman Following the annual Ordinary General Assembly held on 9 June, the mandate of Guy Hoffmann, CEO of Banque Raiffeisen, has been renewed by a vote...
Green Bonds: towards an EU legislation? Published the 18.06.2020
On 12 June, the European Commission opened a public consultation on Green Bonds. The establishment of a green bond standard was recommended by the High-Level Expert Group on sustainable finance...
An ABBL comment: kickstart reforms to boost CMU Published the 12.06.2020
The ABBL welcomes the recent publication of the recommendations by the High Level Forum (HLF) on the Capital Markets Union (CMU) presenting a new vision for Europe’s capital markets. The...
Capital Markets Union: European Commission’s High-Level Forum presents its final report Published the 12.06.2020
On 10th June 2020, the European Commission’s High-Level Forum (HLF) presented its final report on capital markets union (CMU). The HLF forum set up by the European Commission last November...
Crédits : tout savoir sur le prêt au logement et le prêt à la consommation Published the 12.06.2020
La Fondation ABBL pour l’éducation financière en collaboration avec la Chambre de Commerce complète sa série d’ABCdaires de l’éducation financière en publiant deux nouvelles publications sur les crédits. le prêt...
ABBL 2019 Annual Report Published the 29.05.2020
The ABBL 2019 Annual Report provides a detailed overview of our priorities and activities over the last year, and a look forward to the year ahead. The report demonstrates that...


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