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Temporary Permissions Regime & the Brexit deadline Published the 15.03.2019
We would like to kindly remind you that from 7 January 2019 to 28 March 2019, the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA“) online system ‘Connect’ is open for EEA-based firms and...
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Finance Bill 2019: CIT reduction and optional extension of interest limitation rules on fiscal unity level Published the 07.03.2019
The most important corporate tax measures concern the reduction of the maximum corporate income tax (“CIT”) rate and the introduction of the option provided by the anti-tax avoidance directive (“ATAD”)[1]...
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CJEU clarifies abuse and beneficial ownership concepts under the Parent Subsidiary and Interest/Royalty Directive Published the 28.02.2019
On 26 February 2019 the Grand Chamber of the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) rendered 2 important judgments regarding the non-application of the Parent Subsidiary Directive1 (“PSD”)...
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Brexit: the Luxembourg emergency legislation Published the 27.02.2019
Said Bill relates to the scenario where, on 29 March 2019, no withdrawal agreement has been entered into between the UK and the EU (“No-deal Brexit”). In a No-deal Brexit...
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(Some) clarifications regarding the Register of BOs Published the 21.02.2019
The law of 13 January 2019 establishing a register of beneficial owners (the “RBE Law”) was published on 15 January 2019 and will enter into force on 1 March 2019....
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Arendt & Medernach appoints four new Partners Published the 22.01.2019
Arendt & Medernach has the pleasure of announcing the appointment of four new Partners.   Nicolas Bouveret Partner Investment Management, Private Equity & Real Estate Nicolas Bouveret is a Partner...
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Cross-border distribution of investment funds: a proposal for harmonisation Published the 12.03.2018
Reducing barriers for cross-border distribution of investment funds within the EU, thus reducing the costs of going cross-border, while deepening the single marketing procedure for investment funds is the proclaimed...
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Outsourcing made easier: professional secrecy in the financial and insurance sector softened Published the 06.03.2018
Through the law of 27 February 2018 implementing the EU regulation (UE) 2015/751 on interchange commissions for card based payments, which amends various laws relating to the financial sector (and...
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New anti-money laundering rules in Luxembourg Published the 15.02.2018
On 14 February 2018, the law of 13 February 2018 implementing a substantial part of the 4th anti-money laundering directive (4th AML Directive) was published in the Official Journal of...
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Clarification of the scope of the UCITS and AIFMD depositary regimes Published the 07.02.2018
A significant number of so-called Part II UCIs may remain within the scope of the AIFMD depositary regime. Luxembourg’s Parliament (Chambre des Députés) has voted yesterday to amend the respective...
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