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ING Solidarity Awards 2019: new edition, new opportunities! Published the 24.09.2019
The ING Solidarity Awards are back with a slightly redesigned edition – participating non-profit organizations will have every chance at winning! For eight years now, ING has been organising the...
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Luxembourg loves digital Banking Published the 07.06.2019
9 out of 10 residents in Luxembourg own a smartphone 84% think it’s easy to use different devices to manage money Only 1.2% of the population doesn’t own a connected...
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Is retirement out of the reach for some in Luxembourg ? Published the 12.03.2019
57% of Luxembourg residents fear they will not have enough money to retire. 35% of working residents anticipate having to work on retirement. Among all European countries surveyed, Luxembourg has...
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Despite housing market harshness, Luxembourgers still favour their personal independence Published the 14.12.2018
The latest results of the ING International Survey about homes and mortgages just came in. To no one’s surprise, when asked about housing, the first thought of Luxembourg residents is...
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Mobile banking “practical and free”, according to Luxembourg residents! Published the 21.06.2018
According to the latest study conducted by ING International Survey (IIS) on mobile banking, when Luxembourg residents were asked why they use mobile banking, more than three quarters said they...
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ING’S Fintech village features Luxembourg Published the 14.03.2018
Six new fintech start-ups will attend the ING FinTech Village programme in Belgium. For four months, these start-ups will work, together with their sponsor, on implementing a Proof of Concept...
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€556 in income from the sharing economy in Luxembourg Published the 02.02.2018
That the sharing economy is good for the environment seems to be the consensus amongst Luxembourg residents according to the latest ING survey, with 69% of respondents agreeing with the...
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ING Fintech Village: launch of the third edition Published the 09.11.2017
The third edition of ING Fintech Village has just been launched. Start-ups from around the world, especially those from the Grand Duchy, are invited to submit their applications on the...
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Launch of the 2017 ING Solidarity Awards Published the 18.09.2017
Introduction For six years now, ING has been organising the ING Solidarity Awards with the aim of supporting local associations and giving them maximum visibility. All non-profit associations and foundations...
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Nearly half of tablet owners in Luxembourg use them for banking Published the 05.07.2017
According to the results of the latest ING International Survey (IIS) on mobile banking, only 43% of smartphone owners in Luxembourg use them for mobile banking transactions, compared with 57%...
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