ABBL CSR commitments & values

Commitment to a responsible banking sector


  • Respect of the law
  • Deontology and ethics in business
  • Expertise and competencies


  • The ABBL commits to a responsible banking and financial sector, acting in compliance with the law and the highest international standards
  • Competition rights: ABBL Guidelines
  • The ABBL commits to being a pool of expertise and competencies to serve its members and Society
  • Encourages amicable dispute resolution in civil and commercial matters

Commitment to Society


  • Financial literacy for all
  • Promotion of continuous education
  • Promotion of diversity
  • Integration
  • Solidarity


  • The ABBL commits to act towards financial education making young generations to become responsible citizens
  • The ABBL commits to circulate job offers in the financial sector
  • The ABBL commits to promote continuous education

Respect for the individual


  • The individual
  • Confidence
  • Communication


  • The ABBL commits to the well-being of its employees
  • The aim of this Charter is to communicate on the corporate values of the ABBL as well as to encourage its members to work in the same direction
  • The ABBL commits to support the access to equal opportunities, education and diversity
  • The ABBL commits to be responsive to its employees
  • The ABBL commits to internal communication aiming to favour mutual trust

Environmental friendliness


  • Protection of the environment
  • Respect of natural resources
  • Corporate (internal) policies
  • Soft mobility awareness


  • The ABBL commits to make the association a corporate citizen
  • The ABBL commits to actively control its energy spending
  • The ABBL commits to actively control its paper consumption




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