Employment naturally represents a priority file for the ABBL in its role as an association representing employers in the Luxembourg financial sector.

Conscious of its social responsibility in matters of employment, the ABBL, together with the training institute House of Training and the Ministry of Labour, have called into life the initiative “Fit for Financial Markets” for persons who have lost their employment in the financial market. In this program the person benefits from an assessment considering their technical competences, followed by courses, which increase their chances to find a job in the financial sector.

Furthermore after the agreement reached by the Luxembourg Employers’ Association (UEL) and the government in January 2015, the ABBL will increase its promotion to reinforce the partnership between the Adem and its members.

Finally, the ABBL supports the reform of the unemployment agency (ADEM) as an active member in the “commission de suivi” of the ADEM.


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