Health and safety at work

The Luxembourg Association for Occupational Health in the Financial Sector (Association pour la Santé au Travail du secteur Financier – ASTF) was founded in 1994 at the initiative of the Luxembourg Bankers’ Association to comply with the legal requirements for monitoring the health and well-being of employees in their workplace.

Since then the ASTF has been carrying out all the tasks of an occupational health and safety service: medical examination of new employees, regular consultations, monitoring people returning to work after lengthy illness, treating work-related pathologies, ergonomic studies and prevention of harassment.

The ASTF set up ASTF Prevention at the Kirchberg Hospital in 2003, a service whose principal task is to offer health check-ups to employees in the financial sector. Any member company may send its employees for a complete medical check-up, which shall obviously be kept strictly confidential. In addition, ASTF Prevention develops preventive concepts applicable in business environments covering subjects as diverse as nutrition, stress management, sport and sleep quality, to mention just a few.

The ASTF is a continuously evolving association. It listens to the needs of its member companies and regularly adapts the range of its activities to meet the needs of a working world that is constantly changing.


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