They trick you into believing an investment opportunity is too good to be true. Common investment scams can include lucrative investment opportunities such as stocks, bonds, crypto-currencies, rare metals, overseas land investments or alternative energy.

How to spot an investment scam?

Scammers usually contact you repeatedly, by email or phone. They tell you about a successful and secure offer with quick returns, and create a sense of urgency by telling you that the offer is available for a limited time.

They ask you to keep this information confidential, saying that it is available to you only.

How to avoid this type of scam?

  • Before handing over any money, seek advice from someone who has no interest in the investment.
  • Decline calls and delete unsolicited emails related to investment opportunities.
  • Beware of offers that promise you a safe investment, guaranteed returns and a big profit.
  • Have you ever been the victim of an investment scam? Be extra careful: crooks could target you again or sell your details to other criminals.
  • If in doubt, contact the police.