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Fintech Awards Luxembourg open for applications Published the 21.03.2018
The organising partners of the Fintech Awards Luxembourg have opened applications for the 2018 edition of the competition. Rising stars from the fintech startup universe are invited to apply for...
KPMG Luxembourg, Société Coopérative
Council agrees on directive on tax intermediaries Published the 16.03.2018
For the last years, the European Union has been building up its toolbox in the fight against “aggressive tax evasion”. Following the 2016 scandal around what has been ever since...
Luxembourg ranks as the 2nd green finance centre in the world Published the 16.03.2018
Financial services are an essential component of a sustainable economy, which meets the needs of stakeholders, enhances quality of life, protects the environment and addresses global issues such as climate...
Global Economic Crime Survey – Target Luxembourg Published the 16.03.2018
Luxembourg with its banks, financial services companies and data centres is a prime target for financial criminals whose reported priorities are asset misappropriation, followed by cybercrime and money laundering. Nearly...
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Société coopérative
Christian Strasser, nouveau Président de l’ACA Published the 16.03.2018
Jeudi 15 mars 2018, l’ACA a tenu sa 62ème Assemblée Générale Ordinaire et procédé à l’élection du nouveau Conseil d’Administration pour un mandat de 2 ans. A cette occasion, l’ACA...
DBFI elected its new Executive Board Published the 15.03.2018
The ABBL is pleased to announce that at its Annual Members’ Meeting of 14 March 2018, the Digital Banking and FinTech Innovation Cluster (DBFI) has elected the following persons to...
EBA publishes its Roadmap on FinTech Published the 15.03.2018
The European Banking Authority (EBA) published on 15 March 2018 a FinTech Roadmap setting out its priorities for 2018/2019. The Roadmap also sets out the establishment of a FinTech Knowledge...
Avertissement sur les Initial Coin Offerings(« ICOs ») et Tokens Published the 14.03.2018
Préambule Les levées de fonds par appel public sous forme de dites initial coin offerings (« ICOs ») ne sont pas soumises à une réglementation spécifique et ne jouissent d’aucune...
Avertissement sur les monnaies virtuelles Published the 14.03.2018
Préambule Les monnaies virtuelles ne sont pas des devises, ne sont pas réglementées et ne jouissent pas du support d’une banque centrale ni de la garantie des dépôts. Il s’agit...
ING’S Fintech village features Luxembourg Published the 14.03.2018
Six new fintech start-ups will attend the ING FinTech Village programme in Belgium. For four months, these start-ups will work, together with their sponsor, on implementing a Proof of Concept...
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