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Brussel’s summer break: lawmakers just catching their breath Published the 13.07.2018
For the EU institutions the summer break is about to start. For MEPs parliamentary work in Brussels and Strasbourg has come to a standstill and will take up again on...
Signature de la CCT des salariés de banques 2018-2020 Published the 12.07.2018
Le 12 juillet 2018, l’ABBL et les syndicats ALEBA, LCGB-SESF et OGBL Secteur Financier ont signé la nouvelle Convention Collective de travail des salariés de banques 2018-2020. Cette nouvelle Convention...
Opinion de l’ABE sur le Brexit : recommandations de la CSSF Published the 10.07.2018
La CSSF tient à informer le public que l’Autorité bancaire européenne (ABE) a publié le 25 juin 2018 une opinion sur les risques liés au manque de préparation des établissements...
Middle-market companies seizing growth by embracing AI Published the 06.07.2018
Middle-market companies across the globe are significantly more optimistic about business conditions and opportunities than last year, according to the findings of the annual EY Growth Barometer released at the...
Camille Seillès appointed as member of ABBL’s Management Board Published the 06.07.2018
In the course of its meeting of 4 July 2018, the Board of directors of the ABBL has appointed Mr Camille Seillès as member of the Management Board of the...
Introduction to Open Banking Published the 06.07.2018
What is Open Banking? Open Banking is a new business model that is to radically reshape the current banking and financial service sector. Indeed, traditional banks have to break up...
A challenging Austrian EU Presidency ahead Published the 06.07.2018
On 1 July at midnight, Austria took over the Council Presidency baton from their Bulgarian predecessors. Reading the newspapers one can get the impression that it is all about the...
Ageing costs: Luxembourg needs to take action Published the 06.07.2018
According to the European Commission’s 2018 Ageing Report (2016-2070), ageing costs, including pensions, health care, long-term care, unemployment benefits and education, are expected to differ substantially across EU countries, and...
Rebranding of the ABBL cluster dedicated to banks active in corporate and commercial banking Published the 06.07.2018
On 31 May 2018, the newly elected Executive Board of the ABBL cluster, entirely dedicated to banks active in corporate and commercial banking including relevant intermediary services, held its first...
EBA assesses risks and opportunities from Fintech and its impact on incumbents business models Published the 04.07.2018
The European Banking Authority published on 3 July 2018 the first products of its FinTech Roadmap, namely a thematic report on the impact of FinTech on incumbent credit institutions’ business...


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