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Ananda Kautz joins the ABBL as Head of Innovation, Digital Banking and Payments Published the 15.09.2020
Ananda Kautz joined the ABBL mid-August 2020 as Head of Innovation, Digital Banking and Payments. Ananda will be in charge of supporting ABBL’ members in achieving digital transformation, adapting to...
Découvrez notre nouvel espace “Protection du consommateur” Published the 14.09.2020
Vous souhaitez : mieux contrôler votre avenir financier ? mieux maîtriser la gestion de votre argent ? pouvoir prendre de meilleures décisions financières? mieux comprendre le langage de votre banquier...
Unexpected change of guard at the helm of the EU’s financial services policy Published the 14.09.2020
In chaos theory the butterfly effect describes how one small event in one place can have major unforeseeable consequences somewhere far away. The example goes that the beating of a...
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FMC – Financial Markets Certification Programme 2020 – 2021 Published the 27.08.2020
Our association is proud to support the educational programme for beginners in financial markets launched by the Luxembourg Financial Market Association (LFMA). The goal of the programme is to provide basic expertise in the structure and...
Account holders reporting: a steep challenge for Luxembourg banks Published the 07.08.2020
Finologee introduces CEDRS module for the CSSF Circular 20/747 compliance. ABBL supports this initiative and shares the press release below.   The Luxembourg ‘Central Register Law’ (Law of 25 March...
No More Ransom: helping victims fighting back against hackers Published the 29.07.2020
While the world is in the grip of a coronavirus outbreak, another virus is quietly wreaking havoc. Although this virus has been around for years, its cases have been rising...
LUXHUB launch Central Electronic Data Retrieval API to support Luxembourg’s credit institutions Published the 27.07.2020
LUXHUB press release – 27/07/2020 Law of 25 March 2020 established a central electronic data retrieval system (CEDRS) related to payment and bank accounts identified by IBAN, as well as...
François-Louis Michaud, the new Executive Director of the European Banking Authority Published the 20.07.2020
At the end of June, the ECON Committee of the Parliament held a meeting to scrutinise the new candidate for the EBA’s Executive Director. The candidate for the position was...
The new Presidency of the Council: the German priorities for financial services Published the 14.07.2020
On 1 July, under the motto “Together for Europe’s recovery”, Germany took over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union from Croatia and announced its priorities for the...
Video “One Minute in Finance”: home loan Published the 14.07.2020
To better inform consumers about the issues that affect them every day in their relations with their bank, the ABBL completes its cycle of videos “One Minute in finance” with...


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