Retail Banking Cluster


The Retail Banking Cluster, Luxembourg (RBCL) is a business line grouping together members of the ABBL who are active in retail banking, with the specific purpose of

  • fostering and representing the professional interests of its members;
  • defencing and promoting the specific activities of operators in the areas concerned;
  • enhancing the qualifications and professionalism of members active in retail banking by promoting standards, practices, ethical and deontological norms;
  • linking with relevant actors that may support its goals in and out of Luxembourg;
  • developing training appropriate to the profession.


The Cluster has set up specific working groups dealing with technical and legal issues regarding products and services for retail clients and are producing statistics on retail banking activities for competition analysis, client breakdown analysis, anticipation of future trends and gaining a better understanding of the market.



Association des Banques et Banquiers, Luxembourg


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